Watching X-Men First Class on a First Class Blu-ray

14 10 2011

I’ll keep it short and sweet – excellent movie (my review here) and even better on Blu-Ray. Video and audio quality are through the roof, and this thing has some pretty cool extras. One of the deleted scenes is an extended cut of Angel’s recruitment which features Magneto dressed in drag (not kidding). There is also this cerebro thingy that lets you experience what’s it like to use the cerebro machine. When cerebro starts searching for mutants, you can stop at any mutant you want and then get treated to an exciting montage of that character made up of clips from all the X-Men movies (yes, X-Men Origins Wolverine is an X-Men movie). As for the packaging, there are two slipcovers to choose from – Professor X or Magneto. Of course I chose Magneto.

Click on the gallery below for BIGGER images!




8 responses

16 10 2011
Kay aka Babygirl

I just loved this movie.. I really enjoyed it. Great mini review

16 10 2011

Thanks Kay!

19 10 2011

Been meeting to scoop this one up on bd! thanks for reminding me that I need to get it!!

21 10 2011

Your welcome!

26 10 2011
The Hook

This movie rocked hard! I’m so jealous of your collection!

27 10 2011

It’s not a huge collection tho…

26 10 2011

This is cool, but I won’t get the Blu Ray since I still don’t have a player for that 😦

27 10 2011

Aaaah… DVD is fine if you don’t have a Blu-ray player.

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