Boyfriend – Don’t Touch My Girl – Music Video Review

8 10 2011

It’s starting to get obvious how the current K-pop industry is targeting young girls. A boy band named “Boyfriend”? I don’t know whether I should be impressed with the boldness or just execute a face palm.

In all fairness, Don’t Touch My Girl is not a bad music video, but it’s nothing impressive either. The problem is that it’s too safe. The six boys (or as I like to call them – my six boyfriends) look very pretty and their clothes are nice too. The dancing is above average and the singing is acceptable. However, there is no unique style or personality being showcased here, making Boyfriend feel like another B-grade Super Junior (you knew that criticism was coming).

But being the generous person I am, I shall not dismiss the Boyfriend entirely. In the end, I guess things could have been much worse. Don’t Touch My Girl is inoffensive, disposable K-pop gum.




3 responses

9 10 2011

LOL! “My six boyfriends.” I love it!

10 10 2011


9 10 2011
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