Watching Thor on Blu-ray

7 10 2011

Blu-Ray 3D + Blu-Ray + DVD + Digital Copy

I don’t have a 3D set-up, I grew out of DVDs a long time ago, and who cares about the Digital Copy. So in the end I’m only using the Blu-ray. Still, I don’t mind getting all the other formats in the same package. I usually loan out the DVD to my friends, and who knows, I might get a 3D TV in the future…

I can still remember myself sitting in the theater and watching the Marvel Comics superhero/god come to life. I’m not really a huge Thor fan, but I liked the movie a lot (my review here) and it drew me back into the Marvel Comics cinematic universe which kind of slouched with the underwhelming Iron Man 2.

The best part of Thor is still the scene where Thor (played by Chris Hemsworth) battles the Destroyer. I don’t want to spoil anything for those who haven’t watched it, but that highly emotional scene is definitely the defining moment of the whole story – and a very good story at that.

Thor not only has a likable hero whom you want to root for, but also a very compelling villain who is more than meets the eye. Loki (played by Tom Hiddleston) is one of the best villains of any comic book movie, right next to Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus and Magneto. I can’t wait to see both Thor and Loki return in 2012’s The Avengers!

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8 responses

8 10 2011

I dont undertsand the “3 Copy” BS either. Why cant they give me the ONE copy i DO want and make it cheaper?

So dumb.

8 10 2011

Why can’t they give me all the copies and make it cheaper :p

8 10 2011

Well, I kind of get it. They are trying to get people to ease into buying Blu-ray, but many are worried since blu-ray isn’t as ingrained in people’s homes yet. So providing the DVD helps people justify, especially those who don’t have high def systems yet but plan to in the future.

The digital copy is useless in my opinion, since why do you want to limit such big movies to such small screens as a laptop or ipod touch, but many people inexplicably do. Also, with the new advent of Netflix and streaming video, this may be a way to try to compete with that new market. (Not a very good way mind you, but they’re trying…)
As for the 3D, well, its a gimmick right? And I don’t know if anyone wants to limit themselves to only having the gimmick version of a movie. Sure tis cool to pop in a 3D movie to try it out, but alter on you may not want the hassle so having the 2D version is also nice. My Avatar blu-ray has both 3D and 2D versions, which I’m very happy about.

9 10 2011

I think if someone wants to upgrade to Blu-ray, he would have already done it by now. Nobody who wants to buy a DVD will get these combo packs and be happy that they are getting a Blu-ray “for the future”. I highly doubt anyone is thinking like that.

The digital copy is stupid because I can’t even access it in my area since I’m not in the U.S. I guess there are people out there who wants the movie in their iphone or whatever but I cannot see myself ever doing such a thing.

9 10 2011

Part of what I wanted from the film was a guy in armor with a giant hammer smacking frost giants in the face…and so I got that. It was a good time at the theaters, and that’s all I asked for. Good review.

10 10 2011

Thanks! I initially expected the Frost Giants to look cartoony, but they turned out pretty good.

27 10 2011
Grande Falcone

You left out Heath Ledger’s Joker??? (gasp!)

28 10 2011

Heath Ledger’s Joker was great… I guess I’m Marvel biased! 😀

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