T-ara’s upcoming MV is 30 minutes + Where the @#$% is my SNSD Blu-ray?

7 10 2011

It has been announced that T-ara’s upcoming music video will be a whooping half hour long. If you asked me, I say the more the merrier. Roly Poly was an extensive music video, and I LOVED it (my review here). Some say it’s nonsensical, but T-ara has always had a slight nonsensical sensibility to their songs. Bo Peep Bo Peep is an obvious example of a nonsensical T-ara song that is enjoyable. Yayaya is another fun track, and T-ara fans will be able to name more.

After watching Roly Poly countless times, I told my friend that Roly Poly should just be made into a feature film. In fact, I’m quite surprised that something like that hasn’t already been done. Sure, there are concert movies like the Super Junior thing and the 2AM thing, but why not make an actual movie with a proper narrative. Roly Poly had so much potential to be expanded into a much greater story, but all we got were a thousand different versions of the same song.

And since I’m already ranting, where the @#$% is my SNSD (Girls’ Generation) Blu-ray? I remember very clearly the announcement that the SNSD Phuket DVD will also have a Blu-ray version, so where the @#$% is it? I hope the SNSD Blu-ray is not false information, because as a Blu-ray fan, I would be very happy to own a SNSD Blu-ray. If any K-pop group were to go Blu first, let it be SNSD.




2 responses

10 10 2011

SNSD will be back soon though!

11 10 2011

Yea, they are “coming back” soon! But still no Blu-ray… 😦

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