Super Dinosaur (by Robert Kirkman) #1-3

7 09 2011

Issue #1

Super Dinosaur is written by Robert Kirkman, the man responsible for other comic cult favourites such as The Astounding Wolf-man, Invincible, and of course… The Walking Dead!!! (Which I don’t get at all.)

This comic series about a boy and his BFF T-Rex is unbelievably good. I was totally fascinated at how all the characters are so simple, but yet so engaging. The story of how Super Dinosaur (S.D.) was created is absolutely ridiculous, but I’m a huge dinosaur fanatic, so as long as there are dinosaurs, I’m on board.

You will hear a lot of people saying this, but I have to say it again because it’s true: Super Dinosaur brings back the feeling of watching Saturday morning cartoons. The friendliness and cosiness of Super Dinosaur dispells the dark and cynical nature of other comics that only make you hate yourself and the world.

Bottomline: Super Dinosaur is a complete delight for anyone and everyone. RAWR!

Issues #2 & #3




4 responses

8 09 2011

I’ve never read these, but from your comments, you might like Alan Moore’s “Tom Strong”. Ever check those out? They have that 50’s cartoony vibe to them too. Very throwback. I thought they were great.

You dont dig the Walking Dead? I love ’em. But invincible may be his best. Everytime I read a new trade I’m blown away.

8 09 2011

I’ve read some Tom Strong, good stuff! You are right, it does have that old-school cartoon feel.

I have not read Invincible… maybe I’ll hit the library for that sometime.

26 09 2011
The Hook

What a weird, but cool concept!

28 09 2011

It’s a simple and effective concept!

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