6 09 2011

I initially thought that Kara’s “comeback” will be swallowed whole by the “comeback” of K-pop behemoth SNSD (Girls’ Generation) since both of them are put so close to each other. But now that I’ve seen their new music video Step, I think the situation is not so bad after all.

Be totally enthralled by the way these five girls (Gyuri, Seung-yeon, Hara, Nicole, JiYoung) are dancing. The dance choreography is brilliant, and it’s so much more energetic and powerful than those found in other similar K-pop music videos (Dal Shabet/Chocolat?). Kara’s singing is surprisingly good, and the song itself is nicely paced and has a catchy melody.

All the locations are very well conceptualised with lots of colours and lights that give the picture more punch. The backup dancers are smoothly mixed into the music video, and they don’t take any attention away from Kara. The outfits on the five girls look gorgeous, and I especially like how the same concept is varied across all five members.

The only negative thing I can say about Step is that it’s nothing new or special. It’s in line with what Kara has been doing all along, so you kind of already expect to see something like this. Nevertheless, Step is more stylish than even the most popular Kara music videos such as Mr. or Lupin, and you can enjoy it over and over again.

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6 09 2011
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19 09 2011

I love STEP!!

23 09 2011

Me too!!

20 12 2011
sylvia browns

i love KARA and all their songs.BUt i hate u koo hara!!!

21 12 2011

Orly? I always thought everyone liked Hara…

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