Fast Five (Fast & Furious 5) – Movie Review

4 09 2011

The gigantic Jesus statue says that we are in Rio for the fifth The Fast and the Furious film titled Fast Five (aka Fast & Furious 5). Director of the previous two Fast films (whatever they are called) Justin Lin returns to deliver yet another car-centric action flick with guns, explosions and babes. If you liked all the Fast films that’s been out so far, then you will most probably enjoy this one as well.

Fast Five starts off directly where the previous film (whatever it’s called) left off. Dom Toretto (Vin Diesel), Brian O’Conner (Paul Walker) and Mia Toretto (Jordana Brewster) are now wanted criminals in hiding, and it’s up to DSS agent Luke Hobbs (Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson) to hunt them down. This new installment drives away from the street racing aspect that the Fast films are known for, and is now aiming towards more heist-based action. I like the new direction, but some of the things that these people are doing can be quite unbelievable.

The cars all look great, but I’m not so sure about the humans. The Rock and Vin Diesel are the best actors of the entire cast, but that’s not saying much. The script is laughable most of the time, but I have never met illegal street racers before in my life, so maybe this is just the way they talk, I don’t know. The Rock has some funny lines, and I hope he sticks around for future installments (whatever they are going to be called) because Vin Diesel needs some muscle to match his.

The plot is utterly preposterous and the driving scenes might get too messy for you to make out exactly who is in which car and going where. But admist all the chaos, there is still enough roaring of engines and screeching of tires to hold your attention. The Fast and the Furious franchise will not excite everyone to the same extent, but when the fifth installment has a post-credits scene that hints ten more sequels, you know this franchise has its fans.




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4 09 2011

I loved this movie but it really is all about the cars. I liked seeing Han return to the franchise after the horrible Tokyo Drift.

4 09 2011

Seeing some of the previous characters appear in this movie was fun. This movie actually shows how a common interest (in this case – cars) can bring friends together to have a good time (no matter how illegal it may be).

4 09 2011

very true. i love the reunion of the original team. I just wish that Letty wasn’t killed off the last time so she could be with the gang.

5 09 2011

The good thing is: More Fast & Furious films are coming, so we will be seeing more of this nonsense. I definitely wanna see more of The Rock O.O

5 09 2011

Hell yeah baby, Fast and the Furious. It’s CHEESETASTIC!! 😀

This one escaped me in the theatre, sad to say. I will DEFINITELY be oicking up on Blu though. DAY ONE.

So ludicrously enjoyable. I love these movies!

5 09 2011

Definitely get it on Blu, the sound of the cars will blow up your speakers.

5 09 2011

I thought The Rock was a great addition to the franchise and can’t wait to see the next one. I thought F&F was on its way out, but it brought back the glory!

6 09 2011

The Rock is the perfect addition to this franchise. I think if Vin Diesel and Paul Walker sticks around, the F&F franchise will not die anytime soon O.O

7 10 2011
Abdullah SUCU

I want to the music name of when the Jesus gigantic statue is on movie a music is playing what is that music name

7 10 2011

Which part are you referring to? The Jesus statue appears more than once…

10 11 2011

Good review! ridiculously entertaining nonsense these films, such a guilty pleasure.

11 11 2011

“Guilty pleasure” is the word!

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