U-Kiss – Neverland – Music Video Review

2 09 2011

U-Kiss’ Neverland is a huge disappointment.

This music video features stylistic locations and lots of dancing, but I couldn’t get involved in anything that was happening. The song itself sounds awful with all its after effects that only make things messy and polluted. The chorus sounds downright horrible and you can’t even sing along to it.

The dance choreography is mediocre at best, which is a shame because we know that these boys can dance. There is the usual over-dramatic acting which reminded me of B2ST’s Fiction, another music video that I hate for similar reasons. Everything looks over-rehearsed, over-produced, and the only thing interesting is the CGI snow.

In my 0330 review, I said that U-Kiss is cooler than Super Junior. Now I take that back, stick with Super Junior.

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14 responses

8 09 2011

you’re too much, if you dont like it. dont listen to it. the main concept is the dance. cant you get it ?

15 10 2011

How would I know whether I like it if I don’t listen to it?

30 10 2011

You are right who force you to listen.

17 11 2011

Just don’t listen to it!~

18 11 2011

Don’t worry, I haven’t listened to it ever since I wrote this review.

23 11 2011

Too bad if you dont like UKISS. You just dont have the taste

23 11 2011

I sure don’t.

31 12 2011

what is this!!why you said this song!!Arghhh!!!if you dont like,please do not comment like this!!!

31 12 2011

You need to calm down.

29 07 2012

What happen to you, hah?! STUPID!!

19 08 2012
Wang Wen Qian

Yea if you think that this song is bad or horrible,… whatsoever. Please keep those negative comments to yourself. This article is offensive to some people, neverland is one of the best songs ever too.

20 08 2012

Neverland is not good, I prefer Doradora and 0330.

20 08 2012
Your Best Friend

Ipodman rules!!

20 08 2012

Please don’t act cute.

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