T-ara – Bo Peep Bo Peep (Japanese Version) – Music Video Review

2 09 2011

Bo Peep Bo Peep Bo Peep Bo Peep Bo Peep Bo Peep Bo Peep… Here comes the Japanese version of T-ara’s signature tune Bo Peep Bo Peep, and to my pleasant surprise, it is pretty good.

This new Japanese version of Bo Peep Bo Peep is not only better than the original Korean version, I dare say it flat-out replaces the original. Even though the song is now in a different language, it doesn’t feel like a lazy translation of a popular song like most of these Kor-to-Jap conversions are. This new track actually finds ways to improve on the song, and it is successful.

This music video looks very tasteful, and I love the frantic pacing that T-ara’s music videos tend to excel in. The dancing is great, and T-ara’s famous cat dance is always super cute and easy to follow. Wait a minute, where is the elaborate cat makeup that we saw in those concept photos? I smell a Part 2 coming soon…

Bo Peep Bo Peep is the song that T-ara swears by, and rightfully so. Now excuse me while I go and watch this music video again. 





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