Blackest Night Toys – Wonder Woman / The Flash / Scarecrow

29 08 2011

My three favourite characters from DC’s “Blackest Night” event: Wonder Woman, The Flash and Scarecrow. This Yellow Lantern Scarecrow with his hat, mask and jacket looks too good for a 6-inch figure.

The Blackest Night comic is good, but strictly for fans only. If you are not a huge DC Comics follower, then you will have a very hard time keeping up with all the relationships and backstory of all these characters. But if you are a die-hard DC fan, then Blackest Night is an epic crossover of many superheroes and supervillains (Orange Lex Luthor!), especially some of the lesser known ones like Deadman or Firestorm.

I have started reading the follow-up event “Brightest Day”, and the story only gets more interesting from there. In fact, I think I’m a newly converted Aquaman fan now because of Brightest Day.




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29 08 2011

I thought the Wonder Woman blackest night mini series was the best of all the Blackest Night minis.

29 08 2011

I confess I didn’t read any of the Blackest Night tie-ins 😐

31 08 2011

DC Direct makes some awesome toys. I love that they make a toy line for practically every famous comics series they do. If you’re a fan of that series? Boom. You can get ’em in plastic.

I think that’s awesome.

31 08 2011

Yea, it’s great that DC Direct does toys which follow whatever is happening in the comics.

1 09 2011
The Hook

Blackest Night was awesome! So are the toys apparently.

1 09 2011

Yea, Blackest Night was epic.

1 09 2011

You really love figurines, huh? 🙂

2 09 2011

Yes I do!

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