G.NA – Top Girl – Music Video Review

26 08 2011

Canadian-born Korean singer G.NA has never impressed me with anything before because her music is dull and her image is plain forgettable.

Now we have a song called Top Girl, which is just another bubbly K-pop tune that sounds like every other bubbly K-pop tune. The dancing and singing is alright, but it’s nothing new or special. This music video is definitely friendlier than something like HyunA’s Bubble Pop, but being too safe is well, too safe. G.NA has swag, but she is unfortunately bogged down by the music video’s excessive, forced production value.

Top Girl looks colourful and has lots of special effects, but the song is too dry and isn’t as catchy as K-pop songs are expected to be. File this one under “MEH”.

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2 responses

30 08 2011

i agree! not a fan of this song like i was of her other hits. something about the video feels too “produced.”

30 08 2011

Yea, the video is over-manufactured and the song isn’t good anyway.

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