4Minute – Heart to Heart (Japanese Version) – Music Video Review

18 08 2011

How does the Japanese version of 4Minute’s Heart to Heart stack up against the Korean original? I think it’s a little bit better, which surprised me because none of 4Minute’s Japanese music videos have been better than their Korean counterparts.

The storyline involving that CN Blue dude you saw in the Korean version is not here, but that’s okay because this new version is very well shot and all the colours are very well photographed. Everything looks polished and clean, almost popping out of the screen at times.

The outfits in this music video are among the best I have seen on the five girls (JiHyun, SoHyun, Hyuna, GaYoon, JiHyun), and their singing and dancing are excellent as well. JiYoon has a good chunk of screen time here, which seems to be a hinting towards a solo outing in the near future. (Yay!)

The only negative thing I can say about this music video is that the occasional camera rotating is irritating and makes you dizzy. Whether you are a 4Nia or not, the Japanese Version of Heart to Heart is a very friendly and enjoyable 4 minutes.




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