Sistar – So Cool – Music Video Review

15 08 2011

I don’t like anything that Sistar has done so far, and this new music video is not improving the situation.

These four girls are not terrible at singing, but the song itself sounds boring and repetitive. Some of the dance moves look absolutely ridiculous, and this music video wants us to look at their behinds very often even if we don’t want to. Everything looks over-manufactured and over-produced, and there is no personality whatsoever.

Watching Sistar’s music videos only made me better appreciate what 2NE1 is doing with their elaborate sets and crazy outfits. At least the overblown nature of 2NE1’s music videos have become a unique trait of theirs that also carries an element of surprise. Sistar relies too much on formula, and thus ends up as forgettable.

This music video has lots of dazzling colours and the outfits look nice. But other than that, So Cool is just a copy-and-paste of the usual K-pop cutesy girl group routine that you have already seen a million times before. If you are not a STAR1, you can just skip this one.




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15 08 2011
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21 08 2011

I guess u dont like brave brothers instead of sistar since brave brothers are the ones who make every single song for sistar (and yes brave brothers uses the same old formula over and over again) their company should really hire someone else to make their songs! ^^

22 08 2011

Yea, hire someone more creative! ^^

22 08 2011
The Hook

Interesting look they have…

23 08 2011

It’s dreadful, lol.

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