DOTM Barricade – Remember Him?

12 08 2011

Often forgotten by many, Barricade is actually a very important player in the Michael Bay Transformers universe. If you remember the 2007 Transformers movie, he was the first time that you got to see Michael Bay’s extremely complicated transformations where vehicle parts are shifting and turning all over the place. Thankfully, the toys are not that difficult to transform (well, most of the toys).

Barricade was the police car that chased Bumblebee down the streets from day time all the way to night time (kid you not, one scene it’s daylight, and next scene it’s darkness). And later on in the movie, he is seen rushing down to the city for the gigantic climatic battle, but (here comes the fun part…) HE NEVER GETS THERE!!!

The next time Barricade appears is in the 2011 Transformers movie “Dark of the Moon (DOTM)” (notice how I didn’t say third Transformers movie because this is actually the fourth one, there was an animated feature film blah blah…) So anyway, he was the one holding Bumblebee hostage during the even more gigantic climatic battle in Chicago. So he found his way to Chicago eh?




6 responses

12 08 2011

hehe, I see you’ve made your own recreation of the hostage scene with your toys. very cool šŸ™‚

12 08 2011

Yep, I love re-creating movie scenes with my toys! šŸ™‚

17 08 2011

I actually learned a lot reading this! Very cool! haha. thanks!

17 08 2011

You are welcome! I never knew my posts were so informative.

16 01 2012

do you feel ok? your look pretty low…very handsome awkward!!! awesome chase scene from the first film!

Can you believe that Bumblebee is kicking metal ass hahaha šŸ˜€

17 01 2012

Yeah, that chase scene from the first film is awesome! (and the song is good too)

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