Super Junior – Mr. Simple – Music Video Review

10 08 2011

I loved Super Junior in their early days, but cannot stand their recent stuff. This new music video is called Mr. Simple, and I’m back on the bandwagon.

First off, I like the way this music video is presented. The set looks very clean and majestic, definitely big enough to house this gigantic boyband (ten out of thirteen members are here, refer to Wikipedia for more information). There are lots of lighting effects that might make you dazed for a second, but it’s not that bad for the most part.

Our boys dance with an incredible amount of precision, and you get some crazy moves here and there. Super Junior’s vocals are pretty good, and they sing with enough power and conviction. Just like in the insanely popular Sorry Sorry, there are those split screen shots of individual members that look cheesy but cool.

The only negative thing I can say about Mr. Simple is that the chorus sounds stupid (yikes!) in the same vein as Sorry Sorry (which I hate). But other than that, Mr. Simple manages to be more edgy than anything I’ve seen SuJu done before, and gets a thumbs up from me.




6 responses

11 08 2011

Spot on with the “Sorry Sorry” comparison. I’m kind of surprised that you don’t like their recent stuff because this song sounds exactly like every other song they have lol.

11 08 2011

Mr. Simple is not as stupid as Sorry Sorry or Super Girl… and the fact that Mr. Simple is in COLOUR already makes it better than Sorry Sorry -.-

11 08 2011

I’m happy that you liked this, since I like Super Junior, maybe the other stuff can grow on you eventually? But they only get better and better for me when it comes to MVs.

12 08 2011

I’m surprised that I like this, because I hate all of their recent stuff. I doubt something like Sorry Sorry will grow on me…

29 01 2012

On my part I hated this video, however the choreography was strange. Okay, the son is called Mr. Simple. Can’t you find a dance that doesn’t make you look simple. I mean when they did those hand movements will saying Mr Simple, it kinda looked like they were saying they were slow(retarded). I don’t want to offend, but…

29 01 2012

The hand movement in the chorus doesn’t look that bad… and simple dance moves are good because they’re easy to dance along.

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