4Minute – Freestyle – Music Video Review

9 08 2011

It wasn’t too long ago that Hyuna’s Bubble Pop made waves on the internets, and now the full 4Minute line-up comes to you with Freestyle.

This song is just your usual K-pop tune with a catchy hook, but it’s one of the more pleasant ones. People are comparing this song to Rainbow’s Gossip Girl, but it actually reminded me of 4Minute’s previous track You Know.

The best thing about this music video is Hyuna’s rap, which is longer than I expected. The main attraction of 4Minute looks quite sleepy in this music video, which is a shame because the other four members are kicking up a storm. The dance routine is acceptable, but the way it’s photographed looks very awkward. Especially when the girls are dancing in the skate park, there is this weird angle from the sky that looks absolutely horrible.

After the music video is over, all you can remember is Hyuna’s pink top and five girls scrubbing a car. As underwhelming as it is, Freestyle is inoffensive and will do until the next 4Minute MV hits.




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