MBLAQ – Mona Lisa – Music Video Review

8 08 2011

Just to clarify – MBLAQ is the name of the boyband, and Mona Lisa is the title of the song. These things are never clear these days are they? Apparently, MBLAQ is pronounced as “AM-BLACK”, and stands for “Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality”. I guess an “i” in “MBLiAQ” would make the word a little confusing to pronounce? Or maybe the five letters in “MBLAQ” signifies five members?

Anyway, this song is better than most of its kind, and the boys’ vocals are not bad. The power-packed dance is the thing that saves this music video, and although the lighting effects may get a bit distracting at times, the dancing scenes are still clear enough for me to see them dancing. The boys go onto a high rooftop towards the end of the music video, and those shots look very cinematic. MBLAQ’s fashion sense is something else to admire, and gives this edgy music video more grandeur.

The negative points I am thinking of are just minor nitpicks that nobody cares about. MBLAQ’s style is something nice to look at, and they can dance and sing with a good amount of power.




2 responses

11 08 2011

This is not my fav by MBLAQ, at all. But I’m not a fan so no big loss there.

12 08 2011

I’m not an MBLAQ fan either, but this looks better than their other stuff…

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