After School – Play Ur Love – Music Video Review

26 07 2011

Know that you are not getting the complete After School experience in their music video of Play Ur Love. This is only four of them, namely Kahi, JungAh, Nana and Raina. The best thing about this music video is that Nana’s boots (boots?) are cute.

I don’t like it when gigantic K-pop groups are split into smaller groups (like those Super Junior sub-groups). Why have so many members when you are going to split them up later anyway. But whatever, this mini-AS is only a one-time thing. The four girls look very nice as expected, but all they do is walk around and stare blankly at something off-camera. Their vocals are acceptable, but the song itself is not very memorable.

This music video has a dreamy look, and it can get very dry after a while. The boy appears only later on, but his scenes never really flow well with the rest of the video. I like the parts where the four ladies are posing around the couch, but even that got stale as the music video dragged on. Play Ur Love gives fans more eye candy, but that’s as far as it goes.




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