After School – Bang! (Japanese Version) – Music Video Review

26 07 2011

I wasn’t impressed with the original Korean music video of After School’s Bang!. I couldn’t get past the fact that the girls are walking forward and forward but never seem to reach the edge of the stage. And then there’s the drastic change of location in the bridge that was totally awkward and lost me completely. Thankfully all the clinks have been cleaned up in the new Japanese version of Bang!, and this is a far more satisfying music video to match After School’s fiery tune.

The drumming sequence looks much better than before, and the locations also pack more punch. The art direction is consistent throughout the entire music video, and you get many solo shots of the individual members. However, when they are all in their drumming uniforms, I really couldn’t make out who was who. I didn’t even realise the one at the very beginning (pictured) is Nana. Guess I should have used the eye liner as a hint.

The dance of Bang! is very good, and there are some sexy moves that you won’t get to see SNSD (Girls’ Generation) perform. Yes, I’m comparing After School to SNSD. I don’t buy the argument that I shouldn’t compare them because they have “different styles”. Give both to a K-pop newbie and they are practically the same thing. Having said that, I do think that this music video from After School is giving SNSD a run for their money. This new and improved version of Bang! gets a well-deserved thumbs up from me.




2 responses

4 08 2011

nice review!! yeah i agree, the japanese one is much better. its altogether way more professional and the dancing is awesome 😀

4 08 2011

The dancing is awesome! 😀

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