Venom (by Rick Remender) #1-4

23 07 2011

If you are a Venom fan, be sure to check this out! (You probably already have)

The first arc (#1-4) is quite good, and this is not some cynical Deadpool-esque story which I initially assumed it was. This new Venom ongoing is written by Rick Remender (Uncanny X-Force) and stars Flash Thompson as the all-new Venom. He wears the symbiote suit when he goes out on special ops missions, but can’t wear it for too long or he will go into complete evil mode with the crazy tongue. There is a creepy panel in which Flash Thompson and Peter Parker are sitting on different ends of the same couch, but they don’t know that the other person is Venom / Spider-Man!

PS. My #1 is the 2nd Printing, I envy those with the 1st Printing!




4 responses

24 07 2011

very cool 🙂

24 07 2011


26 07 2011

Thanks for posting this! Not that he needs the guns, but the covers are pretty sick!

it does look like Deadpool though

26 07 2011

I guess the guns make him look even more cool 😀

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