2NE1 – Hate You – Music Video Review

22 07 2011

Lonely was something different for 2NE1, but Hate You is something different from anything in K-pop now.

Making a fully animated music video is an enormous risk, especially in a culture which focuses a lot on the physical image of the artist. Thankfully the risk pays off, and this is a fascinating music video.

Hate You reminded me of The Powerpuff Girls at first, but later on I started thinking more of Sucker Punch. In any case, the four girls of 2NE1 look very nice in their cartoon forms, and I like the overall animation style of this music video. It’s a little bit anime, a little bit Gorillaz, but yet manages to have a strong 2NE1 flavour to it.

Where this music video looses points, is that the song doesn’t really match what you are seeing on screen. There is only one part where the song syncs with the “movie”, and that’s when Sandara jumps onto the enemy’s car and swings her dagger. For most of the music video, you are paying so much attention to the video that you forget about the music, and that’s a huge problem.

I wasn’t on board with I Am The Best, which I thought was just too loud and bombastic. Hate You is unique, slick, refreshing, and leaves me wanting more adventures with animated 2NE1!




4 responses

22 07 2011
The Hook

Looks cool!

23 07 2011


28 10 2012

♥Totally yes! My opinion is the same! I wanna more animations of 2NE1!!♥

30 10 2012

Yes animated 2NE1 should come back.

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