The Adjustment Bureau – Movie Review

20 07 2011

The Adjustment Bureau is George Nolfi’s directing debut and is based on a story by Philip K. Dick. Other films based on Philip K. Dick’s work includes Paycheck, Blade Runner and Minority Report, and they all deal with profound themes such as what’s real and what’s not, can you choose your own destiny, or even life in general. The Adjustment Bureau is something in that same vein, and it is a good enough thriller.

This film is marketed as Matt Damon running alongside Emily Blunt in a dress, but this is not another dumb video-game-like action flick. The action scenes of The Adjustment Bureau are limited to a few chases here and there, and I can only remember two punches thrown by Matt Damon. The good thing is that although there were no exploding helicopters, this film still delivers the excitement and thrills in its own way.

Where The Adjustment Bureau gets a little muddled is with how The Adjustment Bureau itself actually works. There is some explanation to who they are and their purpose, but with so many information being thrown at you, the audience might feel a little overwhelmed. These Adjustment people walk around in suits and hats, which looks kind of cartoonish and sometimes spoil the intensity of the scene.

Another thing that bugged me was that the Matt Damon character didn’t seem all that surprised when he found out about The Adjustment Bureau. Maybe he is used to being part of conspiracies and secret societies that this is merely another one of those. Still, I found it strange when this man took it pretty well that he had to keep a secret about a group of super-powered kidnappers who could decide his destiny.

Most of the film is dialogue driven, and the script is well written. Matt Damon and Emily Blunt are excellent actors, and I was rooting for their characters to get together eventually. I like how the Matt Damon character has to make decisions that will not only decide his own fate, but also the fate of others. The story is compelling, and the film keeps the audience engaged right up till the end.

Although the film started out a bit plain, it got more exciting towards the end and I was satisfied with the conclusion. The Adjustment Bureau has an adequate amount of romance and thrills to keep the regular movie fan entertained, but also contains a far deeper message which you will be thinking about even after the film is over.




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20 07 2011

I liked this movie too 🙂 maybe Matt’s character was so preoccupied with trying to outsmart the bureau that he didn’t let his shock show. 🙂 great review

20 07 2011

Thanks. I don’t think he was trying to outsmart them, more like wanting to get out of this mess and continue searching for the girl.

20 07 2011

great review. 🙂

20 07 2011

Thanks for your support 🙂

20 07 2011

Cool. I am waiting for this movie to come. I wanted to see it in the theater, but I could never find the time. Sounds like it will be a good night at home with some snacks. Thanks!

20 07 2011

You’re welcome!

21 07 2011
The Hook

Thuis premise sounds awesome, and Damon is a terrific actor!
Great review.

22 07 2011


And yes, Matt Damon is a good actor.

21 07 2011

this movie was def one of my favorites of 2011 especially since its not a remake/sequel/trilogy lol I Thought the actors performed well and the plot and message were interesting.

22 07 2011

Yea, it’s nice to have some fresh ideas once in a while…and the underlying message is certainly very thought-provoking.

23 07 2011

Ha, you’re right, Damon’s character took it too well xD I thought the same when I saw it. You know, I imagined I was in his same situation and that these men with hats came and said all that to me… I think I would freak out, think they’re crazy or something 😛
Well, you’ve read my review, so you more or less know what I think about the movie. I liked reading yours 🙂

24 07 2011

Thanks for your support 🙂

And that’s why I like Shia Lebouf’s screaming in the Transformers movies, it’s what I would do if I’m in that situation.

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