Girl’s Day – Hug Me Once – Music Video Review

13 07 2011

If you liked those first person scenes in SNSD’s Genie, then you are going to have a ball with Girl’s Day’s Hug Me Once. There are many first person scenes in this music video, and you get to do different things with the individual members of Girl’s Day, including visiting an art museum or even swimming.

There are parts where you see “your own” arms and legs, but I don’t think it’s a very good idea. If you want to make the audience believe that they are really right there with Girl’s Day, then don’t spoil the illusion. I definitely don’t have those kind of hands (ya, I don’t).

On a more positive note, I like the dancing. The five girls don’t look stiff or over-rehearsed, and there is emotion in their face as well as in their movements. People who like to dance along to their favourite music videos will have lots of fun with this one. I especially like that move in the chorus where they wave their fingers.

With an entertaining concept, many nice environments and a pleasant tune, Hug Me Once is much better than any of Girl’s Day’s previous songs. If you are a Girl’s Day fan, or if you like to support the underdog, then you will like this a lot.




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