2PM – Hands Up – Music Video Review

13 07 2011

2PM’s Hands Up is acceptable until the point where they step into the club. After that it becomes a big vomitous mess of putting your hands and drinks up. Guess what, I’m not putting anything up. I prefer my K-pop idols to be clean, well-mannered people serving as role models, so imagine my distaste for a music video which encourages drinking and senseless partying.

There are way too many things going on in the frame at one time, so you don’t know what you are supposed to be looking at. The camera swings violently in every possible direction, skipping back and forth and making you dizzy. There is some dancing but it’s very minimal and forgettable. The song itself is terrible and I wonder why they didn’t just auto-tune the whole thing or get a girl to sing the hook (since they are ripping off Like a G6 anyway).

There is nothing positive to say about this music video. Hands Up is meaningless and leaves you with a headache.




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