SNSD (Girls’ Generation) “Echo” is delightful

10 07 2011

“Delightful” is the best word to describe the music video of Echo. SNSD (aka Girls’ Generation) goes to Phuket for a photoshoot, and out comes this bright and sunny (pun intended) sort-of-documentary of their holiday. Echo is not one of those songs that puts you at the edge of your seat like say, Genie. This is more of a laid back, relaxed tune with a fun and catchy hook.

As always, the nine girls of SNSD are magically charismatic and never look scripted even though I’m assuming they are. Some of the actions that they are doing have been seen elsewhere thousands of times before, but there is something about the way these girls do it that makes it work every time. There is no dancing in this music video at all, but that’s okay because we are on vacation!

If you have “Jessica is the blond” written on your palm, you can just scrub that away because all of them have the same hair colour here. In fact, I think this music video makes them look even more similar than usual, which can be a very good thing and a very bad thing at the same time. Also, does anyone else think that Tiffany looks a lot like 2NE1’s Park Bom?

This is just something thrown together for their Phuket DVD, but it is extremely delightful and worth watching even if you have no idea who SNSD is. I give Echo a huge THUMBS UP!

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5 responses

11 07 2011

snsd 😀

11 07 2011

You like SNSD too? 😀

12 07 2011


25 07 2011

Love Yoona! (:

26 07 2011

Me too! (:

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