T-ara – Roly Poly – Music Video Review

4 07 2011

Let’s break the ice by allowing me to share with you my theory of K-pop music. I strongly believe that the charm of K-pop lies mostly in the dancing. Think about it – without the dancing, most of these K-pop songs will be totally useless. You can “sing” by using auto-tune, or just lip sync to an earlier recording. Dancing is genuine, you can’t fake it.

I have seen recent K-pop dance-based music videos such as Beast(B2ST)’s Fiction and Secret’s Starlight Moonlight, and it’s obvious that the K-pop factory is trying very hard to come up with new dance moves. Unfortunately, all they are coming up with are increasingly embarrassing and ugly dance routines that don’t really show off your dancing skills.

T-ara’s Roly Poly descends on us like an angel from heaven, and it DESTROYS most other K-pop music videos out there. The best thing about Roly Poly is that it’s not pretentious at all. What we have here is John Travolta inspired cheesiness from the 70s, and the entire concept is extremely effective. The dance is fun to watch, the moves are fun to follow, and the girls’ performance is great!

I love the overall presentation of this music video, mostly consisting of our seven girls dancing in a disco setting with many flashing lights around them. Thankfully, the lights are all well controlled and they never become a distraction. The ambience of this music video is very lively, and the outfits look very tasteful. I especially like JiYeon’s hairstyle and that dangerous expression she’s wearing on her face.

I hope you are watching the twelve minute version of this music video, because you will be treated to a simple yet captivating mini movie of friendship and girly fun. The story here is so much more refreshing and engaging than those in which a girl walks up to a boy and they stare at each other longingly. There is also a shorter “Dance Version” of Roly Poly for those who just want to jump into the cool dancing action.

The people behind the scenes made a very good decision of splitting up the story and the actual song. I said in my review of 2NE1’s I Am The Best that there wasn’t enough dancing in that music video for the dance itself to be memorable. Roly Poly gets it right with its clear and strong display of the dance, including a sparkling segment of solo boogies.

If you haven’t already guessed by now, I absolutely LOVE Roly Poly. This is by far the best music video of T-ara, and perhaps one of the best music videos I’ve ever seen. Even compared to some of the most iconic Korean girl group music videos out there like SNSD’s Gee, Roly Poly feels a lot more humanistic. T-ara’s Roly Poly transcends different eras of time and different genres, easily grabbing a 100% rating from me.




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4 07 2011

Hey, thanks for viewing my site and wow we really have the 3 things u mentioned in common! do visit often and I will try my best to post more interesting things for you to see. Thank you! we are t-ara lovers. haha

4 07 2011

Thanks for visiting my site as well! Looking forward to your “more interesting things”.

19 07 2011

hi,does this dance has a name? thinaks!!

19 07 2011

I would call it “Disco”…

21 07 2011

i personally don’t agree with you on the dancing part why would anyone want to dance disco at this time of age anyway? and the dancing isn’t even creative it borrows the dance moves from the disco era. The rap was horrendous and pointless, vocals are very weak, the song is very repetitive, and its very annoying to be honest. sorry but you must have low tastes or be a t-ara fan to give this mess of a song a 4.

22 07 2011

Why WOULDN’T you want to dance disco? Disco has wide appeal ever since the days of “Saturday Night Fever”, the fact that T-ara is dancing to disco is what makes Roly Poly such a pleasant surprise.

21 07 2011

oh and btw i saw on your big bang love song review about how kpop is full of brainless nonsense, its funny that you are giving this song (which is brainless nonsense) 4 out of 4 stars. contradict much?

22 07 2011

Brainless nonsense would be something like 2PM’s Hands Up. Roly Poly is high concept, very entertaining, and has excellent dancing.

6 09 2011

Aah, I really wish I could agree with you, since you do sound very convincing listing the positive points of the music video.

I agree quality wise, it is better edited than a lot of T-ARA’s Music Video’s. But the problem was the storyline wasn’t particularly engaging too me. The filming and the costuming was fun to look at, but it came off as almost gimmicky in my opinion. The choreography wasn’t anything great either, for a lead dancer I haven’t seen Jiyeon perform anything remotely lead dancer-esque as of yet :/

But I do agree, T-ARA sell the concept and the song with some kind of conviction. It is hard to look away when they perform it live, so I’l give them that.

7 09 2011

The storyline was highly engaging to me, I like the sweetness and coziness of it. I don’t think the costuming is gimmicky at all, the art direction looks very sincere. I definitely love the dance choreography, the moves are fun and the girls dance very well.

14 03 2012
Olivia (Reira) Park

Hehe I luv the dance moves, I’ve memorized the short version roly poly and roly poly in copacabana moves! I was playing roly poly while reading this article n I thought “omg finally someone who luvs it” XD

15 03 2012

A lot of people love it! 😀

15 01 2012
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