Beastly – Movie Review

29 06 2011

Beastly seems to be riding on the whole Twilight craze and its formula of shy girls and monster-men. I actually think this is a better film than Twilight because it somehow manages to blend the mythical side of the story with the realistic side without looking too messy. The plot of Beastly doesn’t deviate from itself too much, and the romance between the boy and girl is not as contrived as I expected.

Kyle (Alex Pettyfer) is a handsome, obnoxious dude who gets turned into an ugly beast by the magical-powered Kendra (Mary-Kate Olsen). And by ugly, I mean tattoos and piercings all over his body. However, his facial features are still pretty much unaltered, so it’s not as if he has become Jonah Hex. Anyway, the only way for Kyle to transform back into his handsome form is to get a girl to love him, and the girl he has picked is Lindy (Vanessa Hudgens).

The premise of this film is very boring on the surface, and you can probably predict the ending from a mile away. Nevertheless, Beastly is dramatic enough to hold your attention, and the two leads are not terrible actors. That’s not saying they are good actors, but at least better than the pair from Twilight. There is a comedic scene somewhere in the middle of the film, and I admit I laughed.

As with all these lazily conceptualised teen-skewing romantic movies, the script is not good. It wants to be relevant to the kids nowadays by including lots of “cool” jargon, but it ended up being weird and embarrassing. Most of the dialogue is very robotic and the delivery by the two leads is not convincing. Just like in Twilight, some popular songs are incorporated into Beastly, but they don’t necessarily give the film more flavour.

I’m drawing a lot of comparisons to Twilight because seriously, what else am I going to compare this to. The moral of the story is sweet and there were a few romantic moments between the boy and girl, but Beastly is ultimately forgettable. In fact, it already feels outdated while you’re watching it. On the other hand, if you think Alex Pettyfer is just the hunkiest teen actor now, then Beastly is not that bad.




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29 06 2011

I couldn’t tell from the preview if this would be a total waste of time or it might surprise me. Maybe if I don’t have anything to do one night and it happens to be on, I’ll give it a shot.

29 06 2011

Beastly is obviously made for the Twilight crowd, but if you are interested enough then why not… it’s definitely better than I expected.

1 07 2011
The Hook

My daughter was unsure about this one, and ultimately decided against it, but great review!

1 07 2011


Your daughter didn’t miss much…

1 07 2011

I agree with you, they could have made him more horrible :/ I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I’ve been waiting for it for a long time (I admit it, it’s because I DO think Alex Pettyfer is the hunkiest teen actor :$). I’ll just keep my expectations to the lowest and go for it 😀

2 07 2011

Lol, but he is in Beast makeup for most of the movie tho…

7 07 2011

Yeah I know :/ But just a few minutes will do for me anyway 😀 hah

7 07 2011

i hated this movie too…such a disappointment!

8 07 2011

I don’t hate it… but I don’t like it either…

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