The Hangover – Movie Review

28 06 2011

The Hangover is one of those raunchy comedies where a group of guy friends get together and do crazy stuff. What makes this film different from the rest of its kind is that it doesn’t show you what happens during the night of chaos. It shows you what happens after the night of chaos. I think the term is – the hangover.

This film has a relatively high production value and you don’t really get bored at any point. The plot is constantly moving forward, and there’s always something to look at. The premise of finding out what happened last night is intriguing, and makes you want to watch till the end. Unfortunately, I don’t think this film is truly as funny as people make it out to be.

The jokes in The Hangover are childish and vulgar just for the sake of being vulgar. When everything is punctuated with F-bombs, the explicit language looses its punch. Most of the time, the crude humour is so crude that it ends up not being humourous anymore. There was some adult humour in Ghostbusters which I found funny, but I don’t see the funny in loosing your tooth or a screaming naked man.

Our group of guys, or the “wolfpack”, as they call themselves, consists of characters played by Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis. Cooper is their unofficial leader, and probably the best actor of the three. However, I don’t think he has good comedic timing and his delivery can be stale at times. Galifianakis is the childish one of the bunch, and I didn’t find him funny at all.

Helms has an entertaining storyline involving Heather Graham as a stripper, which was the only subplot that I found amusing. Helms tends to over-act towards the later portion of the film, and at some point it became way too over-the-top and noisy. Mike Tyson and Ken Jeong show up in brief roles, but they added nothing to the film and were more of distractions.

So even though The Hangover didn’t tickle my funny bone that much, I still have to give it credit for going beyond the call of duty and incorporating some unexpected twists and turns into the story. There were tiny amounts of action and adventure which I enjoyed, including some hilarious situations with animals. But other than that, I won’t recommend watching The Hangover, or maybe I need to watch it again when I’m hungover.




4 responses

28 06 2011

I personally found The Hangover funny

29 06 2011

I only found certain small parts to be funny, I guess I’m not into this kind of adult comedies.

29 06 2011

I found myself laughing my ass already within the first 20 minutes. Then when I saw the second one, I just didn’t care anymore about either film.

30 06 2011

Hmm. I haven’t seen Part II, nor do I have any interest in doing so.

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