28 06 2011

The music video you have all been waiting for is finally here.

And it’s… okay.

So this is your usual 2NE1 throw-down in which the four girls go crazy with lots of props that always includes a car. For the first minute or so I was thinking, yeah, this could be pretty good, it already looks better than their other dancing music videos. But as it ran along past the halfway mark, I realise that I’m still not on board with this type of 2NE1.

The only part of I Am The Best that I like is the dance sequence near the beginning. But other than that, this music video is too loud, too noisy, and nothing new. All their dancing music videos look the same, and this song doesn’t sound any different from the rest of their electronica songs anyway. The most disappointing thing is that there aren’t enough dancing scenes to make the dance itself memorable.

As messy and headache-inducing as it is, I’m still going to give I Am The Best a borderline pass because at least it’s different from the common Korean girl group dressed as cheerleaders/schoolgirls. If you like 2NE1’s bombastic style, then more power to you. I much prefer the quiet version of them as seen in Lonely, which is still my favourite 2NE1 song and music video.




2 responses

29 06 2011

Yeah, the video was pretty standard “2NE1” style. The song was a bit forgettable as well so I wasn’t impressed. I still like their ballads a lot more.

29 06 2011

Yeah, their ballads are much better than their upbeat stuff.

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