Star Trek TOS – Shore Leave (The Backrub Scene!)

23 06 2011

If you are a fan of Star Trek: The Original Series (TOS), then you would fondly remember an episode in Season One titled “Shore Leave”. This is the episode where the crew takes a vacation on a planet with Inception-like effects. When on this planet, the crew members start to see people from their memories and even get to interact with them. The most memorable instance is probably the Alice in Wonderland rabbit that Dr. McCoy sees early in the episode.

But what most people remember even more from this episode is the “backrub scene”. This famous (or infamous) scene involves Captain Kirk sitting in his Captain’s chair, and complains that there’s a kink in his back. The Yeoman then proceeds to give him a back massage. However, Captain Kirk thinks that it’s Mr. Spock giving him the massage, and what happens next is for you to see for yourself. The entire scenario is extremely bizarre and makes you wonder what other weird things are happening onboard the USS Enterprise.

As usual, I will include some poorly taken photos that I snapped directly off my TV. If you missed my post about the Star Trek TOS Blu-ray, you can check it out here.




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