The Twilight Saga Eclipse – Movie Review

22 06 2011

Why am I even writing a review for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. If you don’t like Twilight, you are not going to watch this movie. If you do like Twilight, then you are going to watch this movie on repeat. I can only speak from the perspective of someone who have never read the books, and thought that the first two Twilight movies were alright. By the way, I’m Team Jacob.

In Spider-Man, the teenage superhero had to choose between saving the love of his life and saving a cable car filled with children. If you haven’t seen Spider-Man, I strongly suggest you watch that instead of Twilight. Anyway, shy teen Bella Swan also has a tough decision to make. Does she want to marry Edward Cullen, the handsome vampire played by Robert Pattinson, or does she want to marry Jacob Black, the handsome and muscular werewolf played by Taylor Lautner. You will know the answer in this third installment of The Twilight Saga (as they are calling it).

Eclipse is directed by David Slade, who previously did Hard Candy and 30 Days of Night, two R-Rated films. This dude’s version of a Twilight film is definitely darker and more action packed than the previous installments, which is a very welcoming change to the series. In fact, I think any change would be a good change to the extremely dull and “emo” tone which the first two films established.

The best thing about Eclipse is that these characters finally have something interesting about them. When Edward and Bella are together, you know that they are in love, but yet there’s a sense of conflict brewing between the two. When Jacob appears on screen for the first time and that dangerous music kicks in, you get excited because you know something ugly is about to go down between him and Edward.

Other than the love triangle between the three leads, there is also a revenge story concerning Victoria, played by Bryce Dallas Howard. She is putting together her own vampire army to attack the Cullen family, but if you did not watch the first Twilight, then you probably have no idea who this redhead is or why she’s hellbent on killing Bella. More bizarre is the function of Dakota Fanning’s character. Just like in New Moon, we have to sit through a vampire court session in which Dakota Fanning and her friends pose around in laughable outfits.

Anna Kendricks gets her usual one minute of fame and provides some lighthearted scenes that have nothing to do with anything at all. Ashley Greene plays Edward’s sister Alice, the future-telling vampire who is an obvious plot device. We get to see the back stories of some of these Cullens, which is quite interesting if you are curious about how the Cullen family came to be. The werewolves have absolutely no business being in this story, but for the sake of Team Jacob, they get a reasonable amount of screen-time and even tear some vamps up.

All the different things in the film sort of clicks together by the end and Eclipse definitely has the best climax of the series so far. This film is a notch better than the first two Twilights, but still not good enough to be worth a recommendation outside the Twilight fan-circle. If you have read the book, then I assume you know who Bella is going to pick. I do not approve of her choice, lol.




11 responses

22 06 2011

I think your the only guy i know who has watched all the Twilight movies

I might watch them when they become available for streaming, but that’s the only way i would watch them

23 06 2011

I always try to watch all the popular movies regardless of how much I think I would hate them. Since Twilight is such a big deal, I guess I’ll have to watch it. (Twilight on streaming is a good idea…)

27 06 2011

All my friends who have seen Eclipse told me it was the best one, and I’m planning to see it soon. When I read the four books during the 2008/2009 summer (it was summer in my country :P), I was totally stupid with Edward Cullen and the whole vampire thing, so I even liked the first movie. But after a few months passed, I realised the books weren’t that good, and the movies were even worse :/ Anyway, that’s why I watched New Moon a year after its release and haven’t seen Eclipse yet xD

28 06 2011

Haha. I didn’t read the books so I’m discovering the story firsthand while watching the movies. The love triangle doesn’t kick in until Eclipse, that’s why this is the best of the “saga”…

29 06 2011

Anyway, I think the love triangle was a last minute thing just to go on with the saga, cause it was SO OBVIOUS what Bella’s choice would be :/

29 06 2011

Wasn’t obvious to me :/

I would have preferred it if one of the guys DIED, then Bella would have no choice but to choose the other one.

1 07 2011

Maybe it was obvious in the books, not so much in the movies… I don’t know 😛 I think I would’nt have liked that so much, cause it’s as if Bella chooses “the other one” just because he’s the only one who’s alive, and not because he’s her first choice… Something like that happens in Pearl Habor, have you seen it?

1 07 2011

BTW, I’m Guadi from Fictionworms xD

2 07 2011

Yea, I like the Pearl Harbor scenario where the guy gives the other guy his bessings and then dies. If I was writing Twilight, I would make Jacob do something like that 😐

27 06 2011

I think that I would bore myself to death if I would have to watch another movie part!

28 06 2011

Lol. I’m not sure if I’ll watch the next one because I do not approve of her choosing Edward 😐

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