A-Pink – Wishlist – Music Video Review

22 06 2011


After a while, you stop questioning where all these names come from. What you start to think about is, how many more of these K-pop groups must come out before the fans realise that it’s the same thing over and over again. Fortunately for A-Pink, the music video of Wishlist is NOT the same thing over again. In fact, I was taken by surprise at how different and refreshing this is compared to your usual Korean girl group music video.

In Wishlist, the seven girls stand in the same position throughout the entire music video, and they are doing nothing but singing. Their singing voice is very pleasant and the music is tasteful. I must give big props to the people behind the scenes for not adding any bells and whistles to this music video. There is no irritating big light flashing in the background, no stupid camera slanting, no phoned-in “romantic” storyline where the girl walks up to the boy and they gaze at each other longingly. The presentation here is simple yet extremely effective.

The only negative thing I can point out is that most of the girls’ actions are obviously scripted and over-rehearsed. When you see them putting their hands onto their chest every five seconds, you know something is up. But other than this minor nitpick that doesn’t really affect your enjoyment of the song, Wishlist is very well executed and maybe even inspiring on some levels. If this is a taste of what’s more to come, A-Pink is definitely a very promising girl group to root for.




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