Secret – Starlight Moonlight – Music Video Review

16 06 2011

If you are one of those people who can’t tell one Korean girl group from the other, then you are going to have a hard time recognising Secret. This female foursome has drastically changed their style for the music video of Starlight Moonlight, which can be either quite good or a big plain “meh” depending on who you are. If you are already a fan, then you will probably like it more than those watching Secret for the first time.

The dance of Starlight Moonlight is very easy to follow, but contains a few puzzling moves. Secret manages to stay cheerful throughout this dreamy music video, and I don’t mind the over-cuteness here since that’s what they are going for. The environments and costumes all look very good, but the storyline could have been completely cut out. The song itself is fairly slow paced and drifts along smoothly like a lullaby. Secret doesn’t get to stretch their vocals much, but there was enough emotion in their voice to give this song a little bit of substance.

I appreciate that Starlight Moonlight isn’t trying to throw everything at your face, but I do hope Secret does more upbeat tracks in the future where they are able to show off their mad dancing skills. Starlight Moonlight is not offensive, but risks being forgettable in the long run.




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