Star Wars: Darth Vader and the Lost Command #1-5

11 06 2011

Darth Vader is one of, if not THE best character ever created for film. You see him in the original Star Wars trilogy, and there’s just something very mysterious and intriguing about this cyborg. There are definitely lots of stories to be told about this character, and that’s what the Star Wars comics and novels are for – to give you more and more of what you love. This five issue comic series titled “Darth Vader and the Lost Command” is not that great, but it has brilliant artwork. The story is very plain, although there are some emotional scenes involving Vader and his wife. I didn’t really understand most of the things that were going on, so after a while it became more of looking at the pretty pictures. Nevertheless, it’s still Darth Vader we are talking about, and he’s one of the reasons why I feel safe saying that I like Star Wars (even though I’m actually much more of a Star TREK fan!)




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11 06 2011

May the Force continue to be with Star Wars comics – more power to the elbow of the jobbing comic illustrator.

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