5Dolls – Like This or That – Music Video Review

8 06 2011

5Dolls comprises of the five female members from dual-gender K-pop group Co-Ed School. The amazing thing about 5Dolls is that for once in Korean girl group history, all five girls (or should I say all five dolls) are different enough to tell apart. More importantly, they can sing and dance well.

Like This or That is pleasantly fast paced and jumpy, almost forcing you to get up and move your body. 5Dolls pulls off more than a few slick dance moves, and their vocals are good as well. That tiny rap in the bridge actually sounds like a rap, which can be considered a huge accomplishment if you are talking about current K-pop music.

The overall look of this music video is very vibrant and I like that the events are all happening within the same set. The frame may get a little too busy at times, but your eyes will still be drawn to the girls. The editing is superb, making everything that is happening on screen match the music.

I have no idea what the story is about, but it’s cute and I don’t mind the dude at all. One negative thing that I must point out is that the girls’ faces look very stiff sometimes and perhaps even over-rehearsed. But other than that, it’s hard to believe if any K-pop fan hates Like This Or That. The song is catchy, the dance is fun to follow, and the girls are likable.




6 responses

8 06 2011
Kay aka Babygirl

I never heard of this group, but thanks for intro-ing me to them.

9 06 2011

You’re welcome, Kay. If you like this group, you should check out SNSD as well.

13 06 2011

lol they spelled 2 members name wrongly and got 3 stars from you wheres beast only got 1 -.-

13 06 2011

Actually they spelled 3 names wrongly -.- but maybe it’s just another version of the spelling.

And there’s more skill in the dancing and singing here than in the Beast MV.

13 06 2011

yea 3 ..nah hey won is definitely not hyewon..totally different from the hangul… soomi and eungyo is still understandable

14 06 2011

Maybe they thought Hyewon was too confusing to pronounce, so they changed it to Heywon -.-

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