Beast – Fiction – Music Video Review

1 06 2011

My first impression of Beast (aka B2ST) is the same thing that springs to mind every time I come across such a music video – is this one of those Super Junior subgroups? I mean seriously, there are at least fifty of these Korean boy bands that’s exactly the same. They dress the same, they sound the same, they even smell and taste the same. The only thing that differs is probably the member count. Beast tries their best to be dramatic and emotional in this music video, but I am not impressed.

In Fiction, Beast is dancing on the top of a building, and it appears that the city around them is flooded. I appreciate the high production value, but a high production value also means that I’m expecting to see something spectacular. Sadly, nothing out of the ordinary ever happens, except for a really bizarre dance move where the boys slide their feet from side to side. That particular move feels very strange, and it’s not the best way to show off your mad dancing skills. Another problem with this music video are the scenes in which individual members stand in some kind of spaceship-like environment and the camera is rotating. Everything in those shots look horrible and makes you dizzy.

When this music video was over, all I could remember were the boys holding up their hands to the camera. I don’t know if that’s what they teach you in K-pop boy band school, but try counting the number of times you see someone lift their hand to the camera while making that over-dramatic face. If you need a quick drinking game, this is it. The only good thing I could find in this music video was the girl. She knows how to play the piano, and that’s already more interesting than everything else.




17 responses

1 06 2011
The Hook

Your tastes are so varied and cool. Good job!

2 06 2011

Thanks, The Hook!

2 06 2011

HAHA, you are hilarious but truthful. The video was very formulaic and yes, the group looks like some sort of hybrid of every other Korean boy band out there. But dang, one star? The girl deserved a star, and the single tear that came out of her at the end deserved another hahaha!

3 06 2011

If this MV was any worse, she won’t be the only one crying -.-

24 06 2011

agree with u

24 06 2011

yea should be rate more than that

25 06 2011

I don’t see anything in this MV that deserves a higher rating.

15 07 2011

it dose lol

22 07 2011

Like what?

14 09 2011

i always think who is the girl???

23 09 2011

Sunny from SNSD? (I don’t know…)

19 01 2012

lol, u mad???!
try doin’ that “feet slide” dance if u can, it ain’t as simple as it looks!
btw, the “hand lifting” thing isn’t only in kpop mvs, it’s also present in most damn dramatic american mvs!
and fyi, this had won SONG OF THE YEAR, so fuck yea this song gets 4 outta 4 stars!

22 01 2012

Surely there are better dance moves than just sliding your feet around…

10 05 2012

u complaining about the mv..but how about the songs itself..

10 05 2012

The song is fine if you listened to it on its own, but still nothing special.

17 06 2012

What is the Girls name?

17 06 2012

No idea.

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