2NE1 “Lonely” Review – Best 2NE1 Music Video EVER?

25 05 2011

2NE1 is known for their pumping electronic beats, disco dancing, and just partying and having fun. If you think you are going to be getting another one of those, be prepared to be shocked like I was. Lonely is a slow and steady track with no auto-tune and no dancing at all. And guess what, this is by FAR their best song, and their best music video yet.

The video for Lonely has the four girls walking and walking and walking like Green Day in Boulevard of Broken Dreams. While walking, they will pass by various signboards with words on them, and the more inquisitive fans might want to decipher their meaning.

The entire music video is very well shot, and the four girls have never looked better. One minor thing that bothers me is when Park Bom first appears. That shot looks weird and is actually quite misleading. Another strange scene involving Bom happens somewhere in the bridge where she’s singing loudly, but her mouth is barely opened.

CL and Minzy are not in their usual hyperactive modes, and I like them much better here. Dara, whom I consider the edgiest of the four, has an awesome hairdo in the first verse. Hair fans (hair fans?) cannot miss this.

So do I prefer party-crazy 2NE1 or lonely 2NE1? I would choose the latter any day. Lonely shows that beneath all the bells and whistles, 2NE1 is a very talented girl group. Between this and Big Bang’s Love Song, whoever managing these two acts is definitely doing something right. If 2NE1 keeps this up, they will truly be lonely at the top tier of Korean music.




13 responses

25 05 2011

After reading your review I actually checked this out and I must say it’s a great tune! thanks for sharing!

26 05 2011

You’re welcome, Jaan!

25 05 2011

ah I forgot to say that I read the English lyrics to understand the song properly 🙂 Video is pretty good too

25 05 2011

YG make real artists! Nice Review!

26 05 2011

Thanks, Jo!

27 05 2011

I thought they all looked very pretty in this video. I was impressed.

28 05 2011

Glad you liked it, wootness!

29 05 2011
The Hook

Glad you liked this one!

30 05 2011

Thanks for your support, The Hook!

11 06 2011

It was really better than their earlier videos, although the other ones weren’t bad. 🙂 It was more subdued and the general style was classier

11 06 2011

I prefer their new style, I hope it stays.

12 10 2011

13 10 2011

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