Reveal The Shield Bumblebee

18 05 2011

Wow, my photography skills really need some improvement, most of these photos are quite blurry. This is Bumblebee with the G1 horns and the Michael Bay stripes, i.e. it is awesome. As part of Transformers’ “Reveal The Shield” toy line, you apparently have to press the logo on his chest and see if an Autobot or Decepticon logo appears. No idea how this works, mine is stuck in Autobots the whole time. And if you are wondering – no, I don’t keep the packaging, not this one at least.

Click on the gallery below for BIGGER images!





4 responses

18 05 2011

I see these every time I’m at Wal-Mart and always want to pick a few up. I used to collect the smaller Transformers a few years a go. The paint and detail looks fairly decent. How does it look in real life?

19 05 2011

It looks quite good, although those things on his arms look really weird.

20 05 2011
The Hook

Great job! Transformers rule!

21 05 2011

This is so cool! 😀

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