SNSD – Mr. Taxi – Music Video Review

18 05 2011

Mr. Taxi is the third Japanese single from South Korean girl group SNSD (aka Girls’ Generation), and it’s not as good as I hoped. When I found out that SNSD had a new music video out, of course my expectations were high. This is SNSD we are talking about, one of the most popular K-pop acts today. I don’t know how much say the girls have over the songs they perform, but Mr. Taxi is a bad choice.

The hook “Mr. Taxi Taxi Taxi Taxi Taxi” is lame and reminded me of “Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry” from the Super Junior song. Some people may find these tunes “catchy”, but I don’t. Thank goodness the rest of the chorus is not the same word over and over again, or I doubt I will stay till the end.

SNSD’s vocals are good as expected, but I don’t think auto-tune is necessary here. Leave the voice altering gimmicks to 2NE1 and 4Minute, the style of SNSD has always been a more mainstream sound. Even if they wanted to give us something more club-like, Mr. Taxi is not really a dance or electronica track in the first place.

The video I find hard to accept, and I hope that I’m actually watching an unfinished version. A lot of the editing feels very forced to create a disco-y feel, and it ended up looking very messy. Random images appear for no reason and it’s just distracting. For this reason, the dance version of Mr. Taxi might actually be a more comfortable watch than the final version.

The nine girls are all wearing the same thing like they always do, complete with high heels that look impossible to dance in. Mr. Taxi is not as good as their previous songs, but at least SNSD hasn’t lost their energy and charisma. It’s good to change up your style once in a while, but I hope the next SNSD track ups the quality as well.

SNSD joins the X-Men!




4 responses

20 05 2011
The Hook

These bands owe you money for the promotion!

23 05 2011

Too bad I don’t get paid to do this.

23 05 2011

I kind of agree with your thoughts on MR TAXI. But I probably like it a little bit more.

23 05 2011

I’m sure a lot of people like MR TAXI, but I still have to rate it against their previous works, and MR TAXI does not match up.

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