U-Kiss – 0330 – Music Video Review

12 05 2011

U-Kiss is the seven member South Korean boyband that doesn’t really have anything on the surface to help them stand out from all the other Korean boybands. However, from what I see in their music video of 0330, these boys do have some sort of edginess that makes them cooler than K-pop juggernaut Super Junior. Oh no, did I just say that… I can already feel all the SuJu fans charging into my house and threatening to kill me if I don’t take back those words…

I have this impression that most K-pop songs involve very poor song writing, but this is actually a very good song. It captured my attention the first time I heard it, and still lingers in my mind after it was over. 0330 has a strong R&B feel which sounds like something John Legend would sing. In fact, this song reminded me a lot of High Road by Fort Minor and John Legend. The rap vocals of U-Kiss are surprisingly good, and I’m glad that they didn’t try to imitate American rapping like some other Korean boybands do.

The video itself is satisfying and escalates to an uplifting finale. U-Kiss has lots of slick dance moves which sometimes give off a slight Michael Jackson vibe. I also like that the video shows you who is singing, and even though all the boys look the same at first glance, you can roughly remember two or three faces by the time you get to the end. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised. If you like Korean music, U-Kiss is one of the better acts from the male division.




3 responses

12 05 2011
The Hook

Greta review! Awesome job.

2 06 2011
Christine Yi

I totally agree! 0330 is way better than any KPOP song I’ve heard. plus, the youngest member Dongho is soooooooooooo cute. but he’s so mature in this music video so I love him. But… They are not better than Super Junior. 😀

3 06 2011

Yea, Dongho is very cute 😀

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