Girl’s Day – Twinkle Twinkle – Music Video Review

27 04 2011

Girl’s Day is a five member Korean girl group that can be described as a cuter version of Wonder girls. In fact, I actually think that they are better than Wonder Girls in many ways. Watching the music video of Twinkle Twinkle also made me think of SNSD’s Oh!, another music video that is somewhat in the same vein. Oh! is definitely better, but Twinkle Twinkle isn’t bad.

This music video is stylised in a way that makes it feel like a cartoon. There are lots of fast forwarding for either comedy or to enhance the girls’ cuteness, both of which gets a little irritating when overdone. One scene that was quite painful to watch is the one that I’m calling the “gravity shift” scene which appears somewhere in the second verse. There is a hallway with many doors, and the camera is rotating while panning out. Everything about those shots look very messy to me, but thankfully they got more tolerable as the video moved along.

The dance steps are all pretty decent, and you get plenty of shots of the five of them dancing together, which is always a good thing. One thing that bugs me is the striped uniforms that the girls are wearing in the main dancing scenes. Not that I hate stripes, but the yellow and black colours blend in too well with the background and the girls don’t really pop out from the picture like they should. Colour aesthetics aside, I think people who like to dance along to their favourite music videos will like this one.

The biggest problem here is that it sticks too close to the K-pop formula. Just have the girls dress in sports / schoolgirl attire, kiss the camera, and hope enough people get drawn to it. I don’t see why I should take note of Girl’s Day when there are a hundred other similar acts out there. However, after watching Twinkle Twinkle a few more times (yes I did), I guess I could see what they were going for, and the humour is a nice touch. It is a good effort, but it will take much more than this to stand out amidst a swarm of never-ending Wonder Girls clones.




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