Star Trek: The Original Series (Season 1) on Blu-Ray!

26 04 2011

Time to talk Star Trek… on Blu-ray! Some people think that “old shows” are not worth buying on Blu-ray because they are not “good quality” in the first place. Star Trek here is an example of how to put an “old show” on Blu-ray effectively.

There is a special feature included on Disc 1 that shows you how much effort was put into restoring Star Trek. All the black blots are cleaned up, all the colours are tightened, among many other touches that make the picture look crisp and strong. There is a new 7.1  DTS-HD audio track here which is very cool, but you can also switch to a mono track if you want.

There are seven discs for this Season 1 set, each disc containing a few episodes arranged in production order, not star date order as some fans prefer (or is it the other way round…) Anyway, I haven’t seen every episode yet, but my favourites so far are “The Man Trap” and “Charlie X”.

What surprises me most about this show is how much peril the characters find themselves in. Every episode has a climax where someone is about to die, or a planet is about to get destroyed, or something terrible like that. Also, the characters have to make decisions that will affect the way the story develops. One wrong move and it will be too late to regret it!

Who is my favourite character? Spock! He’s the pointy-eared alien in the blue uniform whom most people have seen before one way or another, but not everyone knows his name or what show he’s from.

If you have never watched anything Star Trek and want a good place to start, I suggest you check out the 2009 Star Trek movie directed by JJ Abrams. That’s the one that converted me and made me interested to go watch the “old stuff”. If you are a long-time Trek fan with a Blu-ray player but have yet to pick up TOS on Blu-ray, what are you waiting for?!

Click on the gallery below for bigger images! All these photos were taken lazily with my 5 megapixel camera phone, so they are not an accurate representation of what the actual thing looks like. Nevertheless, you can see how clean the picture is.




2 responses

26 04 2011

The original is the BEST!

29 04 2011
The Hook

I don’t have any blu-rays, but the original series rocks!

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