4Minute – Heart to Heart – Music Video Review

14 04 2011

Heart to Heart is from South Korean girl group 4Minute and it’s nothing out of the ordinary although it has a softer feel than their past works. This music video is better thought-out than their other music videos, and contains a cute story featuring CN Blue’s Jungshin.

Is it a coincidence that this music video was released just a few days before April Fools’ Day, because that’s what the story is about. In surprisingly well shot scenarios, these girls are pulling pranks on the poor dude like crazy. The various gags are certainly hilarious to watch (the spider is the funniest), and it’s always fun to see boys with lady-hair being made fun of.

The dancing scenes in Heart to Heart take place in a bright and colourful setting which reminded me of their previous song Hot Issue. The dance for Heart to Heart is not as edgy as their past dance routines, but a more calmer and relaxed approach works for the smoother image they seem to be aiming for.

I like the outfits, especially since the girls are all wearing something different. If you have read my other music video reviews, you will know that I hate weird camera angles and unnecessary lighting effects. Thankfully there were none of those here that I could remember.

One nitpick on Heart to Heart is that the hook  (“heart to heart to heart”) could have been sung better. Maybe it’s just a pronunciation problem with the word “heart” and makes it sound like “hard too hard too hard” or something. Another thing is that there wasn’t enough dancing footage for the dance itself to be memorable. I rather the clubbing scenes were removed and replaced with more dancing.

This is something different from the usual 4Minute song, but it is good and the story is effective. Heart to Heart is a well constructed music video that will give 4Minute fans more reason to support this spunky girl group.




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17 04 2011
The Hook

I don’t think Justin Beiber has anything to worry about!

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