4Minute – Hot Issue – Music Video Review

7 04 2011

Hot Issue is 4Minute’s first ever music video and it is terrific. This is a full-blown dance number set inside some kind of electronic room with flashing LED panels for walls. The good thing about this music video is that it delivers what the audience wants without holding back.

The five girls are playing with shoes, lipstick, sunglasses, and bracelets among other stuff. One of them even carries a school bag throughout the whole thing. I think the only other music video with such high respect for fun is T-ara’s Yayaya.

This song is upbeat, filled with funky beats and has a catchy hook. I don’t usually say K-pop songs are catchy, but this one is catchy. I think most people will remember JiYoon, the one with sunglasses and purple lips, who has a slightly deeper tone to her voice. The fact that she doesn’t take off her sunglasses throughout the whole music video makes her a hundred times cooler than anybody else.

And then there’s Ex-Wonder-Girls Hyuna, the one talking at the beginning. This music video seems to focus on her a lot, and she does have a cute singing voice to justify the attention. The other three of them, GaYoon, JiHyun and Sohyun, are all likable, and I like that they are seen as a 5 member group almost all of the time. They are a girl GROUP after all…

The only negative thing I can say about Hot Issue is regarding that segment after the third chorus where Hyuna steps to the front, and the camera suddenly tilts to one side. Someone must have thought that since the girls’ bodies were slanted, it would be a good idea to slant the camera as well. I bet that part of the dance would have looked much better if the camera had just stood still, but it wasn’t a big problem.

On the whole, Hot Issue is one of the best songs and music videos to come out of the recent Korean music craze, and it shows you how to do a good shopping / partying themed music video without even having any actual shopping or partying in it.




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