Unstoppable – Movie Review

4 04 2011

Unstoppable is the 2010 action film directed by Tony Scott, who also directed 2009’s The Taking of Pelham 123. Both of these films have a train at the center of the story and stars Denzel Washington (The Book of Eli). I did not like The Taking of Pelham 123 at all, but I found Unstoppable to be very enjoyable. The plot here is simple – there is a train that cannot be stopped.

Denzel Washington is joined by Chris Pine (Star Trek), and these two lead characters have interesting back stories that are only revealed later on. The team-up here does not feel contrived, and there was enough time to see how our two dudes come together for an unexpected mission. To my surprise, Unstoppable contains more human emotion than I expected. The dialogue between the two leads are very engaging and build ups to an emotional and heartwarming climax.

I like the special narrative that this film uses to make sure you know what is going on. However, there were still parts where I was trying very hard to figure out which train was going past which train and things like that. The atmosphere of the film is mostly very intense, and there weren’t any heavy cussing or violence, making this far more enjoyable than The Taking of Pelham 123.

One negative aspect of Unstoppable is that the score could have been more dramatic. Especially during some of the more dangerous moments of the film, I was wondering why the music was kept so calm. Another thing is that some of the side characters were overacted by the cast.

Despite its minor flaws, Unstoppable gives you the thrill ride that you came for, and even tops your expectations. The premise here is perfect B-movie material, but Tony Scott’s slick style makes everything look very cinematic and realistic. Denzel Washington and Chris Pine are good actors that give us likable characters to root for, making Unstoppable an unexpected hit.




4 responses

6 04 2011

Sounds good. I hadn’t heard of this movie, but now I plan to look for it. I usually like these actors but after seeing PIne in Carriers (awful!) I probably would have passedt his by. Thanks for the suggestion.

7 04 2011

Thanks for stopping by, Charlie!

Carriers? Never heard of it… :/ Chris Pine is a good actor tho…

7 04 2011

Carriers is not worth hearing about. Depressing and miserable. Ugh! Loved Chris Pine in Trek.

7 04 2011

Yea he was good in Trek. I’m a 2009 convert, so Chris Pine is my Captain Kirk! (Oh no, I can hear all the Trekkers/Trekkies shouting “Blasphemy!”)

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