4Minute – Why – Music Video Review

3 04 2011

I like that “WHY 4MINUTE” title card that appears at the beginning and at the end of this music video. It’s slick, it’s dramatic, and the sound effect is cool. However, being the nitpicker I am, I must also state my problems with it. Firstly, I don’t know which is the band name and which is the song title. If I didn’t know better, I would have thought that this group was called “WHY”, and that the song was called “4MINUTE”. (Just like how I thought Ke$ha was a song from Tik Tok… not kidding.) Secondly, the “4MINUTE” logo looks like it could be “1MINUTE” as well, so something somewhere needs some tweaking.

The music video for Why is mostly a dance video interjected with shots of them at a table discussing what I assume are battle plans. The dance itself is pretty good, with all five members doing the same moves most of the time. The choreography looks sophisticated enough without getting too complicated, but it’s the staging that seems to be a little overcooked. There are lots of lens flares that sometimes block out the people, and that’s always annoying.

And what’s with all the camera tilting? When the girls start turning towards you at the start of the dance, right after the last one faces you, there’s this very violent anti-clockwise camera rotation. There’s going to be more of those later on, and it looks very amateurish and messy. Mixed with all the lighting and quick cuts, you may get slightly giddy from watching this music video.

There are three sets of outfits here, my favourite being the one I’m calling the “Resident Evil Extinction” costume. The girl that looks the best in this costume is Jiyoon of course, mainly because of her cool sunglasses. From what I observe here, she’s also the best dancer and singer of the group, although all of them are actually quite good.

The girls should have kept the same hairstyles across the whole music video as I have problem identifying individual members. Nevertheless, Why is a fairly well made music video that manages to be edgy without looking as if it were trying too hard. It started to get a little dull after the bridge, but 4Minute’s spiky attitude is worth watching till the end.




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