Predators Prequel Comic #1-4

20 03 2011

The official prequel to the 2010 film Predators comes in the form of a comic book. Stretched across 4 issues, there are two separate stories going on here. The first story concerns the Laurence Fishburne character, and the second (more interesting) story is about the Adrien Brody character. This comic is violent and brutal, with blood and organs dripping off the pages. Quite surprisingly, there was no extreme profanity. I like how the humans are forced to go beyond their own natural abilities to fight off these alien creatures (but secretly, you know you want to see the Predators chop some humans up as well!)

Click on the gallery below for bigger images!

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3 responses

23 03 2011

I didn’t know that these comics include Adrien Brody or Laurence Fishburne :O

24 03 2011

And they are drawn to likeness! :O

17 04 2011
The Hook

Haven’t checked theese out, but now I will! By the way, check out both my blogs if you can, The Book of Terrible might be right up your alley.

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