Red Riding Hood – Movie Review

15 03 2011

Red Riding Hood is directed by Catherine Hardwicke (Twilight) and produced by Leonardo Dicaprio (Yes, THAT Leonardo Dicaprio). Red Riding Hood as everyone knows is the story about a girl visiting her grandmother in the forest and ends up battling a wolf. In this 2011 “re-imagining”, we get to see the village that Red Riding Hood lives in, including her family and friends. There is a little (actually a lot of) romance going on, but this is really a detective story more than anything. And I actually liked it.

Amanda Seyfried plays Red Riding Hood, also known as Valarie. She’s in love with a handsome fellow called Peter, but things get complicated when she is arranged to marry Henry (another handsome fellow). When I say complicated, I mean that there’s a family secret which I didn’t bother to understand.

The more intriguing aspect of this film is the mystery of the werewolf’s true identity. The werewolf here goes on four legs, so it’s more of the Twilight version rather than the Wolfman version. I hope I’m not spoiling too much when I say that the wolf is CGI, and although it looks fake, it might be quite scary for younger viewers.

Gary Oldman appears as a monster hunter who has a score to settle with this particular werewolf. He is definitely the best actor of the entire cast, but his character felt more like a plot device than an actual person. You don’t really know where he or any of his hunting buddies come from, and he should have hired a better team.

Even in this fairy tale, we have the action movie cliché of everyone shooting at the target but nobody seems to be able to hit it. Sure, this werewolf is fast and furious, but it wouldn’t hurt if these humans came up with an actual strategy to kill it. Also, they would have found out who the werewolf really was if they had just checked who was NOT AROUND DURING THE WEREWOLF ATTACKS.

There is a scene where the villagers are celebrating and that whole sequence feels out of place. Some parts of the film, especially towards the end, has very awkward editing and most of the locations look plastic. However, the overarching story is not as dull as I expected, and it managed to hold my interest till the end. For a werewolf movie, this is far more enjoyable than 2010’s The Wolfman. I like the cold and mysterious atmosphere of the film, so Red Riding Hood gets a very mild thumbs up from me.




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17 03 2011

Since I saw Twilight, I wouldn’t say that I’d watch this movie, but on the other produced by Leonardo DiCaprio…. that changes everything. But since it isn’t gory or scary, I’m even more unsure whether to watch it or not :S

19 03 2011

I mentioned that there was no gore or scariness as a positive point because the core of this story is not based solely on the horror. This movie is marketed as some sort of Twilight-esq romantic fairy tale, but there’s actually more to it…

19 03 2011

I definitely disliked that Twilight-thing a lot, so thanks for the warning 😉

19 03 2011

No problem. I haven’t watched Twilight so I can’t make detailed comparisons :/

22 03 2011

ooh this sounds good, might be worth a watch

22 03 2011

Certainly worth the watch if you ask me, this kind of movie is uncommon too.

30 03 2011
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12 01 2012

I finally saw this last night and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I would also give it 3 stars. Like you said, it wasn’t polished, but it still entertained me.

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