SNSD “Hoot” Review – From Korea With Love

10 03 2011

How would you describe the music video for SNSD’s Hoot? I’m sure most people will say that it’s the James Bond music video. But if you notice, James Bond only appears at the beginning and at the end, plus very briefing somewhere in the middle, and those scenes are not even related to the actual music video at all. The real SNSD stuff involves the girls standing around in elevators, dancing in Tron uniforms, and some of them dressed as Cowgirls. I’m guessing that the theme here is projectile weapons. Like guns and arrows, you know? Let me know if you have a better interpretation.

With the help of Wikipedia, I found out that the James Bond here is actually Choi Siwon of boy band Super Junior. I was glad that he didn’t look like a girl, and from some angles he was actually more handsome than I wished. I was also surprised to hear the recognisable James Bond tune, although that whole starting sequence is way too long. But thank goodness the rest of this music video is not in black in white.

Hoot features an elaborate stage, but the colour of SNSD’s Tron uniforms mixed with the colour of the background results in a murky feeling. The colours don’t mix well and you can’t really make out what they are doing. I also didn’t like certain dance moves with their fingers which made them look amateurish. However, the song itself has enough punch, and SNSD’s charisma makes bad dance moves look good. By the way, that dance step of shooting the bow and arrow is more tiring than you think. Try doing it for yourself (when no one is looking of course).

Strangely, I did like their outfits when they were split into the three elevators, but I have to say that I wouldn’t want to split them into smaller groups too often because it dampens an ineffable quality which the nine of them possess only at full strength. In other words, I hope they remain as a nine member group as far as possible.




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