Monsters – Movie Review

3 03 2011

With a title like “Monsters”, you would expect the film to have badly CGIed creatures chasing slutty looking girls down the street. Sad to say, the bad CGI part is true, but this is actually a very serious film.

The premise of Monsters is something like District 9 , where the creatures are contained inside an “infected zone”, as they are calling it here. The monsters of this film are giant octopuses with glowing brains, and they kill people. There is only one scene where you get a good look at the full monster, and that is in a very anti-climatic ending.

The opening shots of the film misleads you to think that you will be watching an action packed movie full of Michael Bay style shoot outs. Truth be told, this film is extremely slowly paced and very moody. In fact, there were hardly ANY action scenes at all. If you fell asleep during The Book of Eli, you might not survive Monsters.

On a more positive note, the two leads, one male and one female, are not terrible actors. The lady is more likable than the man, but both of them are boring characters. There was some interesting interactions between the two, but in the end their relationship was too dull for me to care. The score of Monsters is good, but not prominent for the most part.

Although Monsters contains a good amount of virtuoso film making, I have seen this stuff done much better elsewhere. District 9 is the obvious example if you want to find a Lord of the Rings for this Narnia. Cloverfield, a film that I liked, also springs to mind. Unfortunately for Monsters, I was not thrilled by its monsters.




6 responses

6 03 2011
Dr. Kronner

I was curious about this movie, I guess now I can skip it.

7 03 2011

If we disagree on Terminator Salvation, maybe we will disagree on Monsters as well?

5 05 2011
Grande Falcone

I actually enjoyed this for its focus on humanity and subtle allusion as to who the “real” monsters in the movie are. I thought the anticlimactic scene with the aliens at the end was actually quite a beautiful twist and fully transformed the characters who had grown throughout their journey.

6 05 2011

Yea, the question of “who really are the monsters?” is intriguing, but it took so long to get to that final scene. Furthermore, there are much better movies that have already explored this question.

3 11 2011

I loved it! I think the fact that i saw without knowing what it was and with no expectations maybe helped. I thought the final scene was stunning, especially the way it links into the opening scene, which i think comes after the final scene in terms of narrative. You make some fair points though. My review if you’re interested to get a different slant.

5 11 2011

Nice review you wrote! I understand that this is a low budget movie and needs you to think a little, but I was still bored to death 😐

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